Ultrasound Repair and Ultrasound Systems

We understand the urgency of a downed Ultrasound System. Whether you need fast Ultrasound Repair or are shopping for new or used Ultrasound Equipment, we’ve got you covered, with a 24/7 network of local Ultrasound experts just a phone call away. Whatever your need, you can rely on us to Keep Your Image Up™.

24/7 Nationwide Service

Our experts are ready to respond no matter where you are. Call 877-891-0084 to speak with an expert now.

15-30 Minute Response Time

We know how important it is to Keep Your Image Up. When you need us, we guarantee a rapid response. 

Ultrasound Service & Repair

Enjoy peace of mind with our convenient ultrasound service & repair packages. 
Find out more here about our unique service & repair packages. 

Exclusive ALPINION Sales & Service Provider

We are an exclusive provider for the innovative ALPINION product line. 
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