Alpinion's Unique Selling Proposition is that they are high quality at a lower price point than the major U.S. brands.

The ALPINION E-CUBE series is transforming the field of diagnostic ultrasound, providing maximum value with its unique and reliable technological breakthroughs. Through the integration of ALPINION's entire core imaging technologies, the E-CUBE 9 provides consistently outstanding performance with image uniformity and superb penetration even when diagnosing technically difficult patients. It routinely delivers high-quality images rapidly from high volumes of patients without case dependency.

ALPINION has successfully developed all array types of transducers including Single crystal convex, Phased array and the world's first Single crystal volume convex transducer. Since that time, they have launched the E-CUBE ultrasound product line that features superior imaging technology and transducers with a wide range of applications.



ALPINION is an innovative and recognized ultrasound brand. The 'E-CUBE' principles (Extreme Clarity, Efficient Workflow, and Ergonomic Design) reflect ALPINION's technological philosophy that provides customers with uniform image quality throughout the product lifetime. ALPINION has focused on acoustic engineering and front-end technology since the founding of their ultrasound business. There has traditionally been a strong focus on back-end processing in ultrasound; however, the company shifted attention to the front-end with a focus on the signal quality sent to system processors. ALPINION has developed a range of transducer array types and applied them to their innovative E-CUBE series of ultrasound systems. Based upon proprietary superior acoustic technology, ALPINION continuously strives to expand the medical business from diagnostic ultrasound to therapeutic ultrasound.

ALPINION Medical Systems was established in 2007 as a true value innovator in the imaging technology field for diagnostic ultrasound imaging systems, therapeutic ultrasound systems (HIFU), and advanced piezoelectric and single crystal transducer technologies. The ILJIN Group (ALPINION's sole shareholder) was established in 1967 and is a major Korean business group with a turnover of USD 2 billion (FY 2010) and 2,500 employees globally. The ILJIN Group has business scopes that include industrial materials and components, electricity, networks, construction, medical, broadcasting, and finance.

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