CU Boulder developed a noninvasive way for athletes to measure muscle energy content

A new ultrasound device developed by the University of Colorado measures the amount of muscle glycogen athletes have in real-time to determine muscle depletion. Previously, muscle glycogen was only measurable by an invasive procedure but using an ultrasound wand, the device measures the amount of water content in the muscles and determines the amount of muscle glycogen from that.

"Whether you are running a marathon or recovering from an accident, when the body runs out of glycogen the same thing happens: the muscle eats itself to feed itself," Inigo San Millan, PhD, said in a statement. San Millan developed the technology, in conjunction with the CU Sports Medicine and Performance Center. "It has played an important role in dialing in the nutrition, training workload and recovery plans of our players."

h/t to Denverite

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