Do You Need an Ultrasound Service Contract or Not?

You may be wondering if you’re paying too much for your ultrasound maintenance contract, or if an ongoing service contract is even necessary for your particular ultrasound system. Of course, your profitability depends on having reliable ultrasound systems, so when those systems are down for even a few hours, significant revenue is lost forever. So how do you choose the expense of maintaining your ultrasound system with a service contract vs. the expense of repairing your ultrasound system plus lost revenue while it’s down?

First, you need to evaluate your ultrasound equipment’s condition and history. In other words, how is your ultrasound system currently working, how has it performed in the past, and how much has it cost you? What is your total cost of ownership so far? The key here is to determine where your equipment is in its life cycle and how much it may cost to keep it running. We have helped many customers extend the life of their current systems and saved them thousands of dollars over purchasing new systems (and we’re happy to advise you on your system too).

Second, you need to evaluate your current contract for unnecessary services and costs that don’t line up with your organization’s goals, in-house resources and needs. You may be paying too much or perhaps you simply don’t need some services.

Third, you need to be fully informed of your options. Our dedicated team of ultrasound repair and service technicians are ready 24/7 to assess your situation and provide expert information, customized recommendations and present the best options. Our team is rigorously trained and experienced on all major ultrasound brands and systems, including portable ultrasound systems, ultrasound probes and other ultrasound parts.

We are able to save our customers 30% or more on ultrasound repairs and maintenance agreements with our CAP (Customer Alliance Pricing) Service Program. For 31+ years our customers have trusted us with all their ultrasound needs, from fast emergency repairs to affordable service contracts.

About SonoDepot

SonoDepot Founder and President Floyd McAuliffe, along with his brother, CEO Jack McAuliffe, are the trailblazers of OEM-Independent Ultrasound Repair and Support. Their company has provided superior ultrasound equipment services to healthcare providers across the U.S. since 1985. Headquartered in Central Florida with nationwide service, SonoDepot is an exclusive sales and service provider for the revolutionary Alpinion Ultrasound product line featuring the E-CUBE series. The company also proudly repairs, services and sells both new and refurbished equipment of the industry's most respected brands including GE, Philips, and Siemens. SonoDepot’s services include ultrasound repair, used ultrasound sales, new ultrasound sales, transducer repair, probe evaluation, ultrasound maintenance and ultrasound service contracts. With a rapid 15-30 minute response time and 24/7 nationwide service, SonoDepot is focused on providing superior service to their valued customers. In fact, 90% of SonoDepot's ultrasound repair clients are repeat customers who also refer colleagues.

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