Need Fast Ultrasound Repair? Here’s How to Ensure It Gets Done Right.

Has your ultrasound machine been a little buggy, is it damaged, or did it just break down? Whether your ultrasound equipment needs a refreshing or repair, it can be a challenge to find a quality ultrasound repair specialist. You could contact the manufacturer directly, but if your system isn’t under warranty, it can be very costly. There is a better way: a proven, high quality OEM-independent ultrasound repair company who can provide speedy, guaranteed repairs to get you back up and running. To source the best ultrasound repair company to repair your particular brand and model of ultrasound equipment, here are a few questions to consider:

1. Does the ultrasound repair company use quality parts?

Many repair outfits struggle with the means to source quality equipment and resources to properly repair your ultrasound system. They buy parts at the lowest price, often at the expense of quality, and in the long term it can create more problems that outweigh the cost of a quality part. Untested or defective parts can lead to more unplanned downtime, and can even potentially put your entire ultrasound system at risk.

2. Does the ultrasound repair company employ ultrasound technicians familiar with my
particular ultrasound model?

A technician that knows how to repair your particular brand and model of ultrasound system and who can get the right quality part quickly, could make the difference between your machine getting back up and running for the long-term, or having to purchase another machine sooner than planned. At SonoDepot, our expert technicians are rigorously trained on all major ultrasound brands and models, including older or “legacy” ultrasound models.

3. What kind of warranty does the ultrasound repair company offer on ultrasound repairs?

You need an ultrasound repair company that will stand behind all repair work, no matter how small. We stand behind our repairs for 90 days, and unlike some ultrasound repair companies, we will continue to follow up and do everything in our power to ensure your system runs for the long-term.

At SonoDepot, our U.S.-based expert ultrasound repair technicians are available to you via our nationwide, 24/7 hotline at 877-891-0084. Our rapid response time is only 15-30 minutes on average. We’ll include you in every part of the process from the first phone call. Many times we stock quality parts for even older ultrasound equipment so we can repair your equipment immediately, on-site. And in the rare instance we determine your ultrasound machine is not repairable, we’ll provide objective advice on what refurbished ultrasound and/or new ultrasound systems might be a good fit for your needs and budget.

Since 1985 our company has been the trailblazer of OEM-independent ultrasound repair and support. We provide expert diagnostic testing, quality ultrasound repair, ultrasound maintenance and ultrasound sales on both new and refurbished ultrasound equipment of the industry's most respected ultrasound brands including Philips, GE, Siemens, HP, Toshiba, Acuson, Alpinion, SonoSite and ATL. Call us 24/7 nationwide at 877-891-0084 or contact us.

About SonoDepot

SonoDepot Founder and President Floyd McAuliffe, along with his brother, CEO Jack McAuliffe, are the trailblazers of OEM-Independent Ultrasound Repair and Support. Their company has provided superior ultrasound equipment services to healthcare providers across the U.S. since 1985. Headquartered in Central Florida with nationwide service, SonoDepot is an exclusive sales and service provider for the revolutionary Alpinion Ultrasound product line featuring the E-CUBE series. The company also proudly repairs, services and sells both new and refurbished equipment of the industry's most respected ultrasound brands including Philips, GE, Siemens, HP, Toshiba, Acuson, Alpinion, SonoSite and ATL. SonoDepot’s services include ultrasound repair, used ultrasound sales, new ultrasound sales, transducer repair, probe evaluation, ultrasound maintenance and ultrasound service contracts. With a rapid 15-30 minute response time and 24/7 nationwide service, SonoDepot is focused on providing superior service to their valued customers. In fact, 90% of SonoDepot's ultrasound repair clients are repeat customers who also refer their colleagues.

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