How they compare might surprise you.

You might think you know which kind of system you need--but how they compare might surprise you.

Top 5 Reasons to go with a Portable Ultrasound System:

  1. More Useage Internally. The ultrasound system can easily be moved from room to room or to different facilities within your organization. This flexibility makes your portable ultrasound equipment easy to use in a variety of situations, which means more useage and more revenues.
  2. External Use & Revenue. Outside sales, marketing and revenue generating opportunities abound with a portable ultrasound system that can be easily moved to and utilized by other practitioners.
  3. Compact Footprint. If you have limited space, you can't beat the compact size and flexibility of a portable ultrasound system.
  4. Energy Savings. Portable ultrasound systems produce very little heat, so A/C and heater concerns are eliminated. No BTU worries here!
  5. Similar or Better Image Quality. The image quality, available imaging applications and technical abilities of good portables are equivalent and sometimes superior to console systems.

Top 7 Reasons to go with a Console Ultrasound System:

  1. Better Image Quality. Traditionally, console systems offer better image quality for a lower price than a comparable portable system.
  2. Better Interface & More Features. Console ultrasounds usually have less menu driven functionality, which makes them easier to use. They also tend to have more built-in advanced features, i.e. DVD burners, printers, etc.
  3. Bang for Your Buck. Console ultrasound units give you more for less cost than comparably equipped portable units.
  4. Long Life. Console ultrasound equipment boasts longer term serviceability, parts availability, and life expectancy than portable ultrasounds.
  5. Reduced Lifecycle Costs. Console systems typically cost less to repair over their lifespan than portable systems.
  6. Familiarity. Operators tend to be more familiar with console ultrasound equipment because they are typically trained on console systems.
  7. Durability. Console ultrasound systems are simply more durable and less susceptible to transport damage than portable systems.

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