Getting a Service Contract might feel like buying life insurance—you may not get to experience the benefits, but it’s the safe thing to do, right? Or maybe you’re more of a risk-taker and would rather take your chances. Either way, it’s important to analyze what you may face without one, and what would be the benefits of having one:

What Am I Risking by Taking My Chances?

  1. You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know. In other words, if your ultrasound equipment is not being inspected and maintained, you may not be aware of problems that are lurking. What might be an easy and inexpensive fix can turn into a big, costly issue when the symptoms finally become apparent.
  2. Down-time=Lost $$$. When a system is down, every moment counts as revenue is being lost. Without a service contract, you’ll need to get the problem diagnosed and discuss the solution, obtain a repair quote, get it approved, then wait for the parts to be ordered and shipped.
  3. Patient Safety. (Liability, Anyone?) Something as small as a nick in your probe can harbor dangerous bacteria that can infect a patient (or patients). If your ultrasound isn’t inspected by a professional ultrasound technician, you may not notice such a tiny imperfection.
  4. Higher Cost. Because of the snowball effect of uninspected, unserviced (ie rogue) ultrasound equipment, you might be looking at double the cost (or more) over the long haul to maintain your system.

Service Plans—What’s In It For Me?

  1. Minimizes your down-time. With a plan, you can get right to the issue and get it repaired without having to go through the quote stage. And with us, having a service plan also means you get priority service when you call.
  2. Ensures peak performance. Constant check-ups ensures your ultrasound equipment is running at its peak performance, consistently.
  3. Keeps Patients Safe. Semi-annual inspections ensure your patients (and your practice) are kept safe.
  4. Peace of Mind. If your ultrasound systems’ maintenance is scheduled and managed so you don’t have to think about it, then you’re able to focus more on your practice.
  5. Manage Cashflow. A fixed, monthly service plan fee helps you manage your budget.
  6. Liability (CYA). In our industry, this means “Covering Your Assets”! This should always be a top priority.
  7. Discounted Labor Rates. Even if your device isn’t covered, with SonoDepot you will receive discounted labor rates within the same facility.
  8. Share the Risk. Layered coverage options allow you to “share the risk” with others, which saves on costs.

Visit our Service Plans page for more information and pricing.

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